About Alpha

Hi! I'm Alpha!  And as you already know, I LOVE Math!

Pam thought it would be a good idea if I told you a little about myself and why I love math so much and why she chose me to be the 'face' of LOOK: MATH! (though seriously, look at this face, how could I not be chosen)...

First a bit about where I came from. I was a rescue from the streets of Paju, South Korea and came to Canada in Spring of 2017.

I met Pam in December 2017 and we both knew right away that I had found my forever home.

I guess she liked how I stopped to smell everything on my walk because soon she was investigating everything with me as well. Together we started to takea closer look at all the things I saw each day on my walk and then she started to film our adventures and bringing all the math we saw each day to life.

I love my daily walks and getting to investigate all the math we see each day with Pam, and I'm super excited that now I get to share it all with you!