About Pam

Hi! I'm Pam and I'm the founder and CEO of VedaVox (which means the Voice of Knowledge) and this website, LOOK: MATH!

I created LOOK: MATH! as a way to promote mathematics in a new and different way.  

See ever since I was a kid I had a love of math, not because I was good or gifted at it, but because it taught me to see the world through a different set of eyes.

I studied Chemistry and Mathematics in my undergraduate degree and then received my degree in education and became a certified teacher in Ontario. I recently finished a Master's degree in Mathematics for Teachers and am currently working on my PhD in Education with a focus on Math Education.

I have worked in educational program management and curriculum development for almost 15 years now and I have met some of the most amazing people along the way.

Some of the most amazing people I met worked for the University of Toronto in the Department of Mathematics. The reason they were so interesting to me wasn't because I understood all the work they were doing (I didn't) but it was because they were all so passionate about math and I had to find out why!

Here were people who spent their entire days studying math, and it wasn't even the math I had learned in school. They were studying the math of fractals (like what you see in trees) and learning about how curved spaces (like globes or spheres) were very different from flat surfaces. I even met researchers who just studied numbers, NUMBERS! There's a whole field of math just called Number Theory!

I began to see the world around me differently. I began to see that math wasn't just in the pages of a textbook, or didn't just have to be a bunch of formulas and equations I memorized; it was so much more than that.

It was how the trees grew, how music sounded good (or bad), how artists got a specific colour for their painting, how my computer worked and how airplanes stayed in the sky.  The world of math was all around me and I wanted to bring that inspiration to as many people as I could.

And so LOOK: MATH! was born... and here we are today!

You can learn more about Alpha "the Math Loving Dog" (and why he was chosen as our mascot and inspiration) on his About Alpha page.