Alpha's Adventures in Mathematics

Volume One: Chapter One

Welcome to Alpha's Adventures, where you get to travel with Alpha from the streets of Korea to his forever home (and learn all the math along the way)!

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Chapter 1: Life on the Streets of Korea

This is me...

And this is where I used to live.

See, I was found wandering the streets of Paju, Korea where I was always cold and I never had enough food to eat. Anytime it would rain I’d have to find a box to hide out in (if the rats or another, bigger dog hadn’t gotten there first).

Get lost

This is our box, go find your own

And in the winter it was even worse with all the snow and slush and cold.

It wasn’t what you would call a pleasant life at all.

I was born on the street and I really don’t know anything about my parents, or if I even have any brothers or sisters. All I know is that I'm what's called a Jindo-mix. This means that one of my parents was a Jindo and the other wasn't (and we don't know what they were). What this means that I’m much smaller than other dogs that look like me, and I also have stubby legs. Basically, I kind of look like a hot dog with legs.

Being different made me an easy target for other dogs to pick on, calling me "Weiner!" and "Sausage Legs," and making sure I was always the last to get any food we found.

Hey, check out sausage legs over there...

Go find your own food!

On top of that, I loved math. I tried to hide it, but anytime the other dogs would catch me learning about the math around me they’d make even more fun of me.

Even the alley cats picked on me for being weird.

Check out math dog over there...

What a weirdo!

That’s how I lived for three years. I survived but it wasn’t a good life and most of the time I was scared, hungry, and tired.

Actually, I was terrified, starving, and exhausted… All. The. Time.

I’d seen other puppies in homes with families who loved them, fed them, and took care of them. I’d dream of that happening to me, but I never thought that it was possible.

Most nights I’d go to bed dreaming of a warm house with a bed just for me and sometimes even imagine the math inside of it. 


From Pam

Houses are built using blueprints.

These are maps that show where walls go, where rooms are in relation to one another, where the stairs are and more.

People who make blueprints are called architects and they have to use a lot of measurement math to make sure that everything they want to put into a house will fit and if there is enough room for the things they want to build.

Most houses are designed to have 90 degree angles (so square and rectangular rooms) but they don't have to be that way. Some houses have curved walls or circular staircases or triangular spaces (like attics). Architects and builders can use blueprints to design and show many different types of houses. 

Try At Home

Make a blueprint of where you live. Measure out the walls and furniture and draw a map of your home.

Use a ruler and protractor to make the lines and angles as straight as possible and remember to draw your doors with the round part going the way the door swings (so the round part should be inside the room if the door swings into the room).

Want to share your blueprint? Send it to us (with your parents permission) to and we'll share it in our gallery.

Help Alpha

Alpha dreams of a forever home filled with math. Can you help him design one? Use your blueprint of your own home as a template (something you can copy) and help Alpha design his dream home.

Want to share your idea for Alpha's home? Send it to us (with your parents permission) to for our gallery.

Then one day, two ladies in a rescue agency van found me wandering the streets. 

At first I was afraid of them. I’d heard stories of what happened to dogs who went into vans; they never came back. And I was scared they’d hurt me because that’s what I knew from living on the streets.

But one of them sat down and spoke softly to me, offering me a piece of chicken. And because I was so hungry and the chicken was so tasty and yummy and scrumptious and flavourful…  before I knew it, I was chomping down on deliciousness.

As I sat there eating the chicken, they pet me and told me everything was going to be alright. Then, without even noticing it, they slipped a collar over my head and put a leash on me!

Naturally I freaked out, pulling and jumping, trying to get free. I’d seen this type of thing happen to other dogs right before they disappeared. No one knew where they went but I couldn’t imagine it was anything good.

Hey wait! What is this thing? Where are you taking me?

I tried to call out to the others….

Hey, Help, HELP!!! They're taking me away!

But they were all in their boxes, too scared to come out.

Good luck kid!

Poor kid, he's a goner for sure...

I was exhausted and just didn’t have any fight left in me. So I sat down and shivered, hoping wherever they were taking me wasn’t going to be as horrible as I imagined.

That's better, just calm down. We're not going to hurt you...

We're going to take good care of you.

And so I was loaded into the van, where I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me next!

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