As fun as Alpha's adventures are to watch and be a part of we wanted to provide some further information for parents and teachers to supplement Alpha's adventures. On this page you will find links to the following resources:

  • Printables: These are fun activities you can do at home or in your classroom. They require very few materials and each activity aims to highlight a different area of math from Alpha's adventures.
  • Research: this is a collection of research, along with references, about why math is so important and the issues our children are facing in terms of understanding, and enjoying, the subject.
  • Blog: Join Pam (Alpha's human) as she talks about recent issues in math and education and also to learn more about Alpha and LOOK: MATH! projects
  • Store (coming soon): Soon you'll be able to purchase Alpha merchandise and have access to a super, secret project we're working on... (you can find details of it here!)

We've also started collecting a list of resources from other websites to help you on your math journey. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these companies and the content on their websites may change without notice. (When we viewed them we were impressed with the content enough to share it but we can't guarantee it hasn't changed since then.)

  • Khan Academy:  one of the most well known math websites out there, contains lots of information and great tutorials on a wide range of math topics
  • Math Antics: a collection of videos that teach a number of math concepts