The Alpha's Adventures Family


Hi, my name’s Alpha and I love math! I’ve loved math ever since I was a little puppy and have tried to learn as much as I can about math in the world around me. I was born in South Korea and came to live in Canada when I was 3 years old. I spend my days sniffing around the city, meeting new people, and going on math adventures!


This is Alpha's human, Pam. She adopted me and gave me an amazing forever home with her in Toronto. She loves math too, and teaches me how math can be found in everything! She’s learned a lot about math, and when she doesn’t, she finds experts to help explain it. Her and I go exploring every day and look for math in the world around us.


This is Delta, she’s my little sister. Her name means change and boy does she suit it. It was a big change when she came from Mexico to live with us. She’s super curious and likes to ask a lot of questions. I love her but she can be super annoying sometimes.  She doesn’t like math as much as Pam or I, and she can be so impatient sometimes, but she does like learning new things and her questions often get Pam and I thinking about the world around us in whole new ways.


Fibonacci Feline (as she insists on being called) is a cat who lived with Pam for a long time before Delta and I joined the family. I’m not sure she likes us very much as she’s always trying to get us in trouble. She doesn’t like change, so she really didn’t like Delta when she first arrived. Fibonacci doesn’t understand why Pam and I like math so much and she spends a lot of her time making fun of us. But it’s ok, we still love her, and sometimes I catch her listening in our math conversations. She was also named after a famous mathematician (and a really cool math sequence that goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ... - can you figure it out?)


Sierpinski is a snake that lives in a cage up high up on a shelf in our home. She not allowed out of her cage but Delta and I often sit under her shelf and tell her about our adventures. She also tells us stories of times long ago including myths, legends, and the histories of famous mathematicians. She is very wise and likes to spend time telling us stories.

This is our family, we’re all a little different but we love each other very much. We spend our days exploring the world around us (and our nights often snuggled on the couch. Well, all except Sierpinski). We’re looking forward to having you join us and learning all about the math in the world around you!