Visualizing Math

Recently our Founder, Pamela Brittain, was asked to write a guest blog post for Tech-Based Teaching on Transforming Math Through Technological Visualizations.

In it she speak on how technology allows us to visualize mathematics in new and interesting ways and how it gives us the ability to 'see' math in a previously unreachable way.

Being able to 'see' mathematics helps many students and those who struggle with math to understand it in a new way.  It takes an intangible formula or set of numbers  more realistic and visual.  All of a sudden you can see what the equation is showing.

Many technologies not only allow you to see the math but also manipulate it and 'play around' with the equations and see how they change or react when various aspects of them are changed.

While technology can't ever replace formal math education, and there is still something to be said for 'low-tech' versions of exploring math, there are definitely some amazing uses of newer technologies that allow us to explore this fascinating subject in new ways.

You can view the full Tech-Based Teaching article here

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