Back to School: Back to Inspiration

This week Families Online Magazine asked us to write an article on what parents can do to help their kids succeed in mathematics.

Since it was timed nicely with Back to School we thought it would be interesting to look at inspiring mathematics in children as they return to math classes this week.

Back to School, or Back to Bargaining?

Sometimes back to school seems like back to fights over homework, especially math homework! It seems like kids have endless energy for video games, reading, sports, dancing, or anything that really interests them.

But when it comes to math homework all that energy just seems to disappear, feet are dragged and the bargaining begins.

But what if it didn't have to be like that? What if kids actually ENJOYED learning mathematics and got pleasure out of fractions!

Finding Inspiration

It's actually not that hard to accomplish, it just takes a bit of inspiration.

Countless studies have proven that people learn best when they are inspired, so why not make math inspiring.  Learn how to see math in the world around you and all of a sudden doing math doesn't seem so much like a chore but instead as a way to learn more about what you love.

Love to sing, learn about the math in music, in finding the rhythm, hearing tones and learning what sounds work well together (and which ones don't).  Love video games, learn about how your screen renders (or shows) the images from your game and what math is required to run the game itself; or you can even learn skills and strategies to beat the game faster or with more points.

The point being, the more we are invested in a subject and its uses, the easier it is for us to learn it, because we are now more motivated to do so.

How to Help

So, want to help your child learn math easier, and retain it longer? Inspire them to see the mathematics in the world around them.

Need help inspiring them? Hop on over to our LOOK: MATH! website and learn how to see the mathematics in the world around you.

You can also view the full article for Families Online Magazine here.

Happy Mathing and here's to a good, happy back to school this year!

September 10, 2017

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